ACPR 2017  Call For Papers

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ACPR 2017 solicits high-quality original research for publication in its main conference and co-located workshops. Topics of interest include all aspects of pattern recognition including, but not limited to:

Track 1: Computer Vision and Robot Vision

  • Vision sensors

  • Early vision

  • Low-level vision

  • Biologically motivated vision

  • Illumination and reflectance modeling

  • Image-based modeling

  • Physics-based vision

  • Perceptual organization

  • Shape modeling and encoding

  • Computational photography

  • 3D shape recovery

  • Motion, tracking and video analysis

  • 2D/3D object detection and recognition

  • Scene understanding

  • Occlusion and shadow detection

  • Stereo and multiple view geometry

  • Reconstruction and camera motion estimation

  • Vision for graphics

  • Vision for robotics

  • Cognitive and embodied vision

Track 2: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

  • Statistical, syntactic and structural pattern recognition

  • Machine learning and data mining

  • Artificial neural networks

  • Dimensionality reduction and manifold learning

  • Classification and clustering

  • Representation and analysis in pixel/voxel images

  • Support vector machines and kernel methods

  • Symbolic learning

  • Active and ensemble learning

  • Deep learning

  • Transfer learning

  • Semi-supervised learning and spectral methods

  • Model selection

  • Reinforcement learning and temporal models

Track 3: Signal Processing (signal, speech, image)

  • Signal and image processing

  • Image analysis and understanding

  • Audio and acoustic processing and analysis

  • Spoken language processing

  • Sensor array & multichannel signal processing

  • Segmentation, features and descriptors

  • Texture and color analysis

  • Enhancement, restoration and filtering

  • Coding, compression and super-resolution

  • Automatic speech and speaker recognition

Track 4: Media Processing and Interaction (video, document, medical, biometrics, HCI and VR)

  • Pattern recognition for bioinformatics

  • Pattern recognition for surveillance and security

  • Pattern recognition for search, retrieval and visualization

  • Pattern recognition for art, cultural heritage and entertainment

  • Industrial image analysis

  • Gesture and behavior analysis

  • Mixed and augmented reality

  • Human computer interaction

  • Character and text recognition

  • Handwriting recognition

  • Document understanding

  • Medical image and signal analysis

  • Computer-aided detection and diagnosis

  • Speech and natural language based interaction

  • Human body motion and gesture based interaction

  • Affective computing

  • Facial expression recognition

  • Group interaction: analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Biometric systems and applications

  • Multi-biometrics

  • Forensic biometrics and its applications

  • Fingerprint, face, iris, gait and speaker recognition

  • Soft biometrics

  • Security issues


All accepted papers will be published by Conference Publishing Services (CPS, and the proceedings of the conference will be submitted to Xplore and CSDL. 

Confirmed special issue:

Pattern Recognition: Special issue on Advances in Representation Learning for Pattern Recognition, Submission Deadline: March 1st, 2018, Call for papers: Special Issue on Advances in Representation  Learning      

Pattern Recognition Letters: Special issue on Learning Compact Representations for Scalable Visual Recognition and Retrieval, Submission Deadline: Jan. 31st, 2018

Special issues under negotiation: